We've Got You

The RMHC ‘We’ve Got You’ Wellbeing Programme has been built for our families and by our families and places a primary focus on their needs, offering ways for them to stay close together during a difficult and stressful time in their lives while maintaining their individual and collective well-being.

It’s so important we enhance our families’ experience when staying with us and the well-being of the whole family is the core of the journey and the care we want to offer them.

Supporting our Families

This family-centred wellbeing programme provides positive support, coaching and workshops to help build resilience, relieve stress and encourage self-care during their stay at the House and through their journey in the hospital with their sick child.

Wellness is all about practicing healthy habits regularly; to attain better mental and physical health outcomes, so instead of just surviving, you’re thriving. This is easily and often forgotten when your primary focus is on your sick child.

This additional arm of support for every family member will ensure we are looking after both their physical and mental health with an array of in-house and online events for them to avail of, free of charge.

About The Programme

The programme will cover all elements of holistic well-being and will be tailored to the specific needs of each family member.

We  focus on 3 main themes – 1. Mind | 2. Body | 3. Life

Family members are invited to attend tailored workshops, sessions and initiatives based on their needs. We want to create, implement and sustain a strong legacy of support for families, including children and siblings, during times of unexpected need.

We have designed a bespoke RMHC Wellbeing Journal, one for parents and one specifically for children. This is presented to our families in ‘We’ve Got You’ Back-Packs, along with positive guidance cards for the whole family and other day-to-day essentials. Our Calendar of Events has been developed with a complete family focus and all classes and their facilitators have been created with families in mind.

There will be weekly person-to-person workshops available, for those who can attend, and the added support of virtual catch-back classes and content via our RMHC App, so there is absolutely no added stress or pressure on parents to leave the hospital. Workshops include:

• Play Therapy

• Teenage Workshops

• Reiki

• Yoga

• Bereavement Counselling

• Parenting & Guilt Workshops

• Coaching Sessions

• Beauty Treatments

• Financial Guidance

• Wellbeing Counselling

• Meditation

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For more information about our Wellness Programme please contact: Sharon Keogh at [email protected]

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