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Our Relationship with The Medical Community

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RMHC enables and promotes family-centred care, a critically important part of caring for, and supporting, children with serious medical conditions.

Family-centred care is an approach to healthcare where the entire family is fully supported, engaged, involved and able to make informed decisions about the care and support services provided to their sick child.

Our relationship with the Medical Community helps bridge access to health care and helps keep families and sick children near the care they need. Healthcare workers of every level and specialty contribute to Ronald McDonald Houses, helping us expand our impact and benefit children’s and families’ lives.

A medical perspective on the impact on the Ronald McDonald House on families of critical ill children

Dr Aengeus O’Marcaigh, Consultant Haematologist, Children’s Health Ireland at Crumlin

I have seen families sleep in hallways, sitting upright all night in chairs beside their child or lying on paper thin mattresses literally under their child’s bed as there was no room for them. I am delighted to say that because of Ronald McDonald House Charities parents have been able to get a full comfortable night’s sleep – a healthy breakfast and a sense of normality that enables them to engage 100% in the care and recovery of their child.

Children don’t cope well with uncertainty and having to spend time in hospital is very stressful for them. As adults, we are more resilient – we can draw upon existing relationships, experiences and information to help us cope with our illness– children don’t have that advantage – they only really know what mum and dad tell them and they rely totally on that.

That in turn puts huge strain on parents and can be very emotionally draining on the parents, and tired, stressed and emotionally vulnerable parents can mean that the needs of the child can go unmet.

If we can provide children with certainty and assurance that they can wake up and know their parents are there for support, we know that recovery for those children is far less traumatic.

About Us

We provide accommodation and a caring, supportive environment for families whose children are undergoing medical treatment at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Dublin.

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