Together For Christmas

Adam’s family spent 195 nights in The Ronald McDonald House while he was being treated for cancer in hospital,  including  last Christmas.

This is their story:

Adam, 4 is a very happy and brave little boy from Tramore, Waterford, who loves Paw Patrol and Thomas the tank engine. Sadly, Adam was born with a complex heart condition which meant he could not leave without a heart transplant.

The family moved to London waiting where Adam finally got his new heart. Unfortunately, a new heart is never the end of the journey as there are many medications that have to be taken for years after the transplant. Devastatingly, Adam received a cancer diagnosis as a result of taking this medicine and has been battling this since.

The family learnt about the house through the hospital. They called and got a family room where they moved in instantly.

"The house became a home away from home and helped Adam to stay close to his family, including his big brother. The family stayed in the Ronald McDonald House for a long time and it helped to make their life a bit more “normal”: “We have had so many memories in the House. Christmas, Easter, father’s day, Birthdays! We’ve had them all in the House! Christmas was brilliant. It felt like we were at home. Christmas is all of our favourite times of the year so to have that together with Santa, the turkey and ham dinner and all being together was so special.”

Adam's Christmas at The Ronald McDonald House Last Year

By Supporting The Ronald McDonald House this year, you can ensure more families have a home to spend Christmas together.

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